Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic. You don’t mind going through a little bush to get there!”– Minnie Pearl

Me, with as much hair as I have ever had on my face

I’m glad there is no Decembeard…at least that I know of. Having that much hair on my face was just a complete oddity for me. I kept thinking my nose was running until I went to the mirror and noticed I had one mustache hair curling up and back into my nose. I had never heard of the thing, but apparently its [Novembeard/No-Shave November] growing in popularity. My daughter put me up to it. She said all the boys back in TN were doing it, which consisted of her hubby, his brothers, my son and a few of his friends. I figured, what the hay, so I told her I’d commit to it. I don’t think I look that good in a beard, if you can call it that. Its the most hair I’ve had on my face, but I don’t grow facial hair that fast. For me, all that was actually about 6 weeks worth of growth. At the time she told me, on Nov 1st, I was just getting ready to shave off two weeks of face hair. It still took me about another week after Nov 30th to shave it all off. The place I normally shop at was all out of my depilatory cream I use to remove hair on my face and head. I can’t use a razor. The “Brothas” tend to bump up too much with a razor. I often had to have a shaving profile in the military which was a doctor’s excuse not to shave.

Mary and I kicking back some cold ones in Crested Butte, CO

So what’s ol’ Big T, been up to lately. Well, Photo has been revamped, big-time. In an effort to cater towards more weddings and other events, I’ve redesigned the site to reflect that a little more. Almost nothing on the site is as it was last week. Many a nights was spent taking down HUGE loads of my art nudes and other images that just didn’t cut the mustard. I’ve got to go back to work on my landscape images, in both re-edits and new pics as well.

Mary, off the edge of a cliff  in Black Canyon, CO.
That’s a couple thousand feet free-fall below her.

My good ol’e bud, Dave Rudin was in town over last weekend. He was the only one to get pics. We met for breakfast along with Wolf189. It was really good to meet Wolf. I think we share some commonalities in styles and approaches. He’s been around for a while and really knows his stuff. As usual, when you put a gaggle of photogs in a small space together, time flew by as we discussed everything from camera gear, to classic films. Not film like, TMAX, well…we did discuss that. Wolf only shoots film. However I was referring to classic movie films, particularly foreign films. He and Dave were much more familiar with many of the more notable ones and the actors/actresses of the day. As Dave and I always do, we had breakfast at the Original Pancake House and about three hours had passed before we knew it. Wolf had to head out for a photo gig, otherwise we could have helped close the place. As of this moment, I didn’t see any of the shots he took, but I am sure DaveR will have pics of us posted on his blog, Figures of Grace, shortly. In the meantime, pay a visit to my new friend Wolf189 at his web site, and his blog, Oh, and here is his profile on Model Mayhem. Trust me, you are in for a treat.

I’ve gotten a good laugh out of a few things lately, but none really so much as getting to see my friend, Jodi (with no “e”), do a tandem sky-dive. The girl’s got guts. But that’s not the only reason I love her so much. Outside of being a good friend, she’s a strong believer in doing things the natural way, as nature intended. I love her hippie-style and the way she has a genuine care for people. She’s a great mom, very spontaneous, and will take on a challenge with vigor and courage. This is the first time she’s ever exited a plane while airborne. At no time does she ever flinch, hesitate, or even carry a distressed look on her face. Yeah, the girl’s got guts. Enjoy the vid below or click HERE. And I thought I’d reacquaint you again with pics of my friend and once model, Mary since she said I looked like Kimbo Slice!