“No matter how bad things get, you got to go on living, even if it kills you.” – Sholom Aleichem

Back when I had an office last year

This won’t be a long post, and indeed, I had intended to blog about another matter. That can wait I guess. I think I’d much rather give you an update to the new/updated blog authored by Stephen Haynes, “Truth and Justice for All“. I’ve already touted Mr. Haynes as the quintessential “Go-To” guy concerning the issues related to legal matters of photography, especially regarding 2257. So I wanted to make a special blog post to acknowledge the change in his blog from his Magic Flute Blog to this new one. Why the change? Well Stephen can best tell you about it on his “Disappeared by Google” menu tab. Suffice to say, the man is pissed with Google and he want to take more control over his blog content.

Taken by Model, Joanie…oh yeah, she’s a photog, too.
Don’t be scared…my face doesn’t stay like this.

I most certainly invite you to visit his blog and familiarize yourself with the new layout. One thing in particular that I found intriguing is his menu option for Index to Key Posts. Initially, I thought it was probably a list of his most popular posts, but not at all. I found this to be a vital resource of organized informative articles  arranged by category. Wanna see his posts about 2257? Direct links are there. Are you being persecuted and harassed for your photography by the “Man”? Check out his War on Photography category. Have concerns about doing street photography? Its there.

Magic Shave depilatory cream. Its how the brotha’s sometimes shave. TMI?

Simply put, there is a plethora of information…valuable information regarding your rights as a photographer. The man is a retired attorney and writes with a skilled hand. He knows the legal ends and outs dealing with what’s important to you because he’s also a widely acclaimed photographer. Oh…my bad. Yeah, that’s the other reason to check him out. The guy’s got some of the most incredible nudes that you’ll want to see. I’ve updated my link to his blog, so be sure you do the same. He still has his main website showcasing his site, Magic Flute Fine Art Photography. So I fully recommend reviewing his work. I’ve made this post not so much to promote him…that’s secondary, but rather to help you with information you can benefit from. Take advantage.

Bathroom mirror inside City Center, Las Vegas


I have been searching through my photo archives for the past 2 weeks looking for a few photos from a year or so ago, that I cannot seem to find. I did however come across several shots that I took, but never did anything with, as well as some that I edited, but subsequently forgot about. Most of these were misplaced because they were left on my CF card when I started shooting another project and which then got loaded up with that project in the same folder. So these are the shots you’re viewing now. Of all these, I decided to portray the many faces of Terrell.

Me so scruffy

True story…

I was in Wal-Mart earlier this week getting a few much needed food supplies. As I turned down the soup isle, there was an elderly couple midway down and I witnessed the man kissing the woman on the neck. As I got closer, I heard the woman ask him, “So which one do you want?”…referring to the selections of soup brands. About that time I was right behind the man and as he embraced her shoulders, he replied to her, “Sweetheart, all I want is you…”. It was such an endearing statement, I couldn’t help myself and said, “Awww, How PRECIOUS!”. To which the man jumped around, startled at first, then breathed a sigh of relief and said, “WHEW! I though you were her husband!”

First year in the Army 1988, Germany