“Black holes are where God divided by zero” 
– Stephen Wright

I’ve been on some meds lately that have made me tired, lethargic, and basically wanting to just sit on my ass. I try not to do much driving and will relegate my endeavors to quick runs within a few miles of the house. It seems like I can be wide awake one sec and then feel a powerful urge to lay my butt down the next. If I know I have to drive some distance to make an appointment of something, I’ll quit the meds that day and handle my business. One thing its given me an opportunity to do is catch up on some movies. I might make it through a show or I might not, but I can always restart it where I last remember a scene. Some of these include watching trilogies, like The Matrix trilogies. However, the ones I appreciate the most are the ones I remember loving when I was a kid. I was watching a space documentary…I love documentaries, especially on space… and one of them about relative size of celestial objects used the theme song from the 1979 hit, “The Black Hole”. Many kids can attribute their love for space research and exploration to Star Trek or Star Wars. For me, it was The Black Hole.

“Dark Profile” Model Brittany Sutton

I am a big follower of both Star Trek and Star Wars. In fact, I might add that to my list…to watch the double Star Wars Trilogies. Nonetheless, both these movies still felt like fictional Sci-Fi. I don’t believe there is an actual “Force”, at least not as portrayed by Star Wars. Star Trek could actually be a reality someday. In fact, there’s a documentary called, “How William Shatner Changed the World”. Still, I don’t see that as my reality. The Black Hole, on the other hand, is. My curiosity was piqued to a level off the charts for a little kid. The problem was, that I didn’t have Wikipedia, Goggle, or the Internet. We had a library, but information was still limited and much that we knew about Black Holes was still trickling down from the big brains, which meant they were speaking way over my head. Einstein kicked off the idea in the early 1900’s but several more scientists, including Hawking, would have to work clear into the 70’s before we could really skim the surface of understanding them. Its only been recently, since we’ve actually been able to see the visual effects of one, since we can’t truly see them.

“Is this Seduction”, Model Brittany Sutton

I love studying the physics of stars and one can’t help but to wonder what happens inside a super massive black hole with time and space being twisted and warped as it is. Normal laws no longer apply, but you’d think there’s gotta be something that governs these things. They are the most destructive forces in the universe. Something has to explain them as more than just God’s trash cans. Then again, could it really be just that simple? In the movie, the space researchers were able to come out the other side of the Oblivion after some really freaky special affects. Speaking of which, those kinds of effects could never fly today. That was one of my premier thoughts while watching the film. Back in the day, there were state of the art movie effects.  Kids today laugh at such ancient movie antics. I still enjoyed it, though and am trying to think about other shows I could enjoy again. Not everything will work again. I know I loved the Benji series, but I ain’t watching any more Benji, now. Some things are simply good when you’re a kid.

“Forward to Make Peace”, Model Brittany Sutton

I recently posted a shot of Brittany Sutton and these images are a few more. She’s not longer in Vegas, which sucks for me, but is evidently good for her. I’ve also included this short clip that I mentioned earlier that uses the theme song from The Black Hole. You should definitely check it out. The Earth is like an atom to some of these stars. Talk about HUGE! You can also watch a complete documentary on Black Holes with this link: How the Universe Works: Black Holes. For now, click on the clip below. If you can’t see it, try this YouTube link.