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Cover Model, Mercy:  “A Year in Review of the Nude: 2011”

I think I’ll make an attempt to refocus on my book, “A Year in Review of the Nude: 2011“. I’ve had several more inquires about it and recently, my friend James and I were discussing it over lunch at my friend’s restaurant, Thai Pepper, here in Vegas. In all the events dealing with post-operative recovery from my microfracture knee surgery, I hadn’t done so much to promote the book. In my last post in which I talked about it, my own copy was still on order and had yet to arrive. Even after it did finally arrive, I showed it off a little, but I was still in considerable discomfort at that time and the name of the game was pain-management. So I think I can bring a little focus back to the book.

Art Model, Panda,
“A Year in Review of the Nude: 2011” 

A Year in Review of the Nude: 2011” is a self-published, print-on-demand Fine Art Photography book that I had printed by I’ve used this company over the last almost 4 years and they have been quite impressive. Over the years, they have made several strides in both the development of the book template designs as well as the quality of paper stock in which they make available. They just created an even better premium line of print paper that I am very happy with and have chosen to utilize it exclusively in this book, making it more costly for me, but your costs stay the same. In most cases, you can purchase books in any variety of paper quality or even a soft-cover. For this book however, I want it to be more representative of my own art. After seeing it in the best paper stock they make, I decided to go with it exclusively. I prefer to stick with the same concept I use for the rest of my art. So to remain consistent, I only want it presented on the best paper I think I can get at that value. At WPPI, I came across some other print and book vendors who also have fine paper. So far, I have to stay with for the value. Printing the same book with some of those vendors would have taken my own costs upwards of $350 to produce each book. Through Blurb, I am able to offer it to you at this level of quality for $149.99. So for now, Blurb it is.

My book is currently listed 4th when doing a search for NUDE in the blurb bookstore. Cool, huh?

When I first got the book in hand and opened it up, I was instantly pleased with the product. Its not just thicker paper but better quality all around. I compared it to some of the other promotional books I’ve made and it is indeed superior to those. As I mentioned, I’ve used this company for almost four years. This has mainly been for the benefit of private clients. I’ve shot everything from a baby’s first birthday to more intimate concerns like a wife’s Christmas present for her husband. “A Year in Review of the Nude: 2011” is notably the first book I’ve done just for my own interest. Every other book has been made to satisfy client needs. Several are not available for preview to the public. This book however will become an annual review, but there will also be others I do to showcase a particular model or event. In fact, I had planned on doing one exclusively on art model, Panda to be released in March. In light of recent concerns and diverted attentions, I think I’ll delay it for a month or two, but I already have enough work on her to produce a book right now.

Art Model, Enyo,
“A Year in Review of the Nude: 2011”

I don’t see the book as pricey as many have implied. I don’t think I could emphasize enough to not look at this book as a regular book. Most people don’t spend $150 on a book. I know that. Instead, understand that this is my own art. Many people will purchase art for more than $150 that depicts only one visual subject. Mine has 114… probably way to many at that price. I didn’t make this book for you to look through and then shelve. You don’t purchase a painting, look it over and then archive it in the attic. Its meant to be displayed and that’s how I see this book. I could have sold it in a smaller size, soft-cover, on less quality paper, all for $35! But that is not what this book is. Preview “A Year in Review of the Nude: 2011” and order your copy from right now!