Art Model, Enyo © 2011 Terrell Neasley
“Photoshop is not a verb. It is a noun. It is the means to an end, not the end itself.”
– Vincent Versace

All good things must come to an end, as its been said. And such is the way with Photoshop World 2013. Overall, I give this year’s convention an A-. Today’s classes were much like yesterday’s results. Lots of good lessons and one that wasn’t as great as I had hoped. Today covered my first introduction to video editing. I’ve done some video, but have not been involved in video production. I’ve sourced that out opting to stick with photo in the past, but the more I think about it, nobody’s got my vision the way I have it. I no longer want to surrender that artistic control.

Art Model, Enyo
© 2011 Terrell Neasley

This was my second Richard Harrington class and he made video editing seem so simple. I got to talk to him afterwards. The guy has been a stalwart in this industry for years yet all you get from him is a sincere desire to help everybody else. He’s not elitist in any sense of the word, despite his accomplishments and saying he’s approachable is an egregious understatement. It was cool to talk to him after the class, but he came by the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep booth on the expo floor and we talked again briefly about NILMDTS and the new look of the PhotoFocus blog. This is how I know Richard has no high-horse! For a brief moment, you could could see it in his face that we switch roles for a second. He asked for my input about the new look of the blog, but he did so with the look of a little kid seeking approval from a teacher on a new drawing he did! The guy is so on our level, but he’s actually trying to get under us to boost us up. I love it. I know I’ve beat this point up but there was simply no air of superiority in him.

Art Model, Enyo © 2011 Terrell Neasley

I also got my first Scott Kelby class today covering portrait retouching. Scott Kelby is the king of photog education and is the one responsible for the umbrella of proven photo professionals who come to bless us with insight and inspiration. He’s a master educator and is the genius behind Photoshop World. I finished up the day with a class on system back-ups which I didn’t feel was as beneficial to me. I was convinced to give DNG more consideration and will likely change my workflow because of the class, but I disagreed with his back-up strategy and did not feel like I took away anything that would make me alter my own in the slightest.

So my overall grade of A- reflects the grade A, top of the line, quality education, but I subtract a bit for the two classes that I felt were not so beneficial to me. I do not think an hour per class is enough time. In college, some of our classes were an hour and 15 mins. There was simply not enough time. Every one of my classes had to rush the end of the presentation, but I’m not sure there is an answer for that. I would have loved a class on photographing the nude! I would have loved to seen some experts on a higher level demonstrate their techniques. I totally MISSED the Light Painting class. I simply didn’t see it. Light painting is something I am endeavoring to do more of and master. I wish I had not missed the opportunity to learn.

Art Model, Enyo © 2011 Terrell Neasley

I think I will make Photoshop World an annual event from this point forward. My experiences were very positive. I was even interviewed by some of Scott Borne‘s people on my Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep work. And one of the other unmentioned benefits is the camaraderie you have meeting with your peers and better yet making new ones. I met three women in particular who were simply a joy to talk to, each whom I hope to stay in touch with. Photoshop World is not just about learning more photo stuff so you can make more money. Its also about growing the industry and improving the strength of the trade as a whole through a community enrichment effort.