Cultural Night in Masaya, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur has definitely been an adventure. Spanish classes are still kicking my butt, but I am learning, albeit slowly. I love my host family with Doña Lucia and her large family. They help me learn outside of the school, at Spanish Ya. My teacher is prob the best of a sufficiently large crew of teachers, if not at least the best for me. Principally, because of her patience and ability to stay with my pace without become frustrated at me. I think it helps that I keep her laughing, but she doesn’t try to move on to the next subject before I understand the present task. She’s tough enough to keep giving me homework, I tell you that. At possibly under 5 foot, and outweighing her by more than double, I hate disappointing her.

You can see the cave in the distance. The challenge was walking back over these rocks with waves pushing you up against the side of that wall there…and not get tumbled back into said rocks. Nice, huh?
But yes, an adventure, nonetheless. On just my second day here, I devolved into a 5 year old child with no supervision. I walked down the coastline and got curious when I saw a cave about a 700 meters in the distance. I HAD to check it out.  
A view of my room. 
I was able to find a great model while here as well. We’ve done 3 shoots so far. I got robbed on my second outing with her. Some sneaky bastard made off with my bag when we weren’t looking. My fault. Didn’t think anyone was around. Let my shit unguarded. Lost a lens, cash, my iPhone, and a few other peripheries. Hated loosing all of it, but I wish I could get back my spare battery and the pics off my phone. The bastards also took our water, meaning we had a long up and downhill walk back for a good hour and a half. Fortunately, some Canadians along the route back had a house up in the hills. They helped us with water and juice and then gave us a ride back to town. We would not have made it back as late as it was without water. And I do feel fortunate, they did not take my model’s clothes. That would have been a bitch, because that would have meant I would have had to give up my clothes and walk back naked for at least 2 miles to the Canadian’s place. So there’s an upside to everything, I guess.
Main Street into San Juan del Sur
I’m finishing up my last week here in San Juan del Sur, but I’ve still got a bit more traveling to do. I’ll stay here in Nicaragua trying to find my shot instead of heading further South into Costa Rica and Panama. I got to see my college buddy, Bruce who just left the Army and is riding a motorcycle from North Carolina to as far South in Argentina as he can get. It was so great to hang out with him again. As long as I have been here, there has been a trio of myself, Marlene…an Italian/Austrian girl who was here one week less than myself. She just left this past weekend. And there there’s Simone, a tall Czech Republic youngster who should probably be modeling somewhere. He’s here for another week longer than me. I have to keep him from putting drinks in my hand when we’re out. Its so cheap to drink here, its dangerous. Rumor has it that cokes are more expensive than the rum, but it ain’t so. That Flor de Caña, the 7-year, is some smooth stuff and a half liter of it is only $8. You can’t get a single Rum & Coke for that in Vegas. 
And I can’t forget the two German friends who arrived a couple weeks after Simone and I. Lena and Roy are two friends traveling together for about 7 or 8 months. Wow. I’m tempted to go home, make some more money and meet up with them again in South America where they will finish up in Peru before heading back to Germany. I’ll get to see them twice more on this trip as our itineraries coincide for practically the rest of this month over 2 of the 3 locations I plan to visit. And there are so many more I’ve met along the way. You make friends from all over. I don’t think there is anyone in Holland right now. They are all over here! Canadians are coming here in droves. Several Swiss travels have been through. And I know there are some I am forgetting at the moment. I love being around travelers. Sometimes they simply get it and other times they can be quite inspiring.
Most of the pics will be up and posted after I get back and have edited them. These are some shots I’ve already posted on Facebook. The newer ones I had ready for this blog post are gone now that my phone got stolen. Bastards. Be back soon.