Art Model, Covenant ©2015 Terrell Neasley, A7MkII
“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
~ Louisa May Alcott
Some of what I’ll be doing for all this time that I’ll be spending down in Central America will obviously focus on taking fine art photos, portraiture, and street work. This is what I usually end up coming back with the most. But I’ll also be doing a few other things while I’m away, as well. I’ll have a lot of down time to catch up on reading and also doing some writing. But here are some other goals and objectives (among several) that I’ll share with you right now.
Art Model, Covenant ©2015 Terrell Neasley
You always know I always strive to be a better photographer and teacher, so lets start there. If you didn’t already suspect or know me, I shoot nudes. That’s not all I shoot, but its a definitely a passion of mine. I want to begin there. I want to do a better job of it. Yes. Believe it or not, I have more to learn in that genre. Many of you will probably believe the greater fact is that I ADMIT to needing to learn more. I do not know, as of yet HOW I will approach this objective. I can do my own study and research, but I think I will learn best by consulting with some mentors like Dave Rudin or Dave Levingston. Should I take a class of some sort? Maybe do a workshop that has a direct focus on photographing the nude? Something I have thought of doing for years has been to visit Prague. I find that many photographic artists from just east of Germany and on into Russia have been inspirations to me. I find them to be more in tune with my style or of a such that I aspire to.
In addition to that, I need to make a more concerted effort to actually do more of something with my art nude work. I have terabytes of work that no one has really seen. You’ve probably only seen maybe a tenth of all the work I’ve done with Panda. Some of my best work with Emma was never made available for about 8 months before anyone saw it. Kristi C has been a most prolific model for me over the last year. Again, most of it unseen. So big, big focus towards exhibition and a consistent venue to show my art nude work will be a major focus upon my return. I’ll likely come out of hiatus on photo competitions and do some of those again, but that’s an aside. Exhibition will be a more primary focus when I get back. My work needs to be on walls. This is why I do it…nudes or otherwise. I make my stuff to be viewed in person upon a physical medium.
Art Model, Covenant ©2015 Terrell Neasley
“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”
~ Richard Branson
Let’s see…what else? Oh yeah…again, photographically speaking, I want to do better teaching. I’m limiting myself to 10 students a year, doing one-on-one, two-week courses. I used to conduct workshops when I first came to Vegas with my Las Vegas Art Models Group. A max attendance would be 12 photogs. Now I teach one-on-one and I want to do it better. The goal is to make it more fun, better information, and less taxing on myself. I just did two students back to back this month. I don’t know how teachers do it every day like that…ALL friggin’ year!! My friend, Howard suggested doing tours where I take people on some of my travel excursions. I can see that. I’ve already been asking family and friends to come visit me for a few days while I’m away. Meet me in El Salvador or Lake Atitlan in Guatemala for a few days. We can do some photowalks or just chill with me sippin’ Cuba Libres. I need more and better teaching props. Some concepts I have in my head simply don’t exist! I need to find somebody to fabricate some of this stuff for me. I don’t want to rely on videos to make my point. Hands on physical props would serve a better purpose. So yes, I want to contemplate how I will do this.
Art Model, Covenant ©2015 Terrell Neasley
Video! That’s another one. I want to get as good with vids and I am with photowork. I have the A7s, which is excellent for video work. I’ll need to get the Atomos Shogun external output monitor/harddrive to do 4K work, since you can’t shoot 4K straight to the SD card. But for the time being, 1080p should suffice just nicely. Editing video will also be a key factor, which means I’ll also need to bump my subscription to Adobe CC 2014 back to the full version. I downgraded it last Nov to just the Photoshop/Lightroom version. I’ll need Adobe Premier Pro back again, in particular. I should also dust off my audio gear. I’ll take with me a shotgun mic and maybe my Zoom H4n external audio recorder. My goal is to just make short clips, starting with time-lapse, some slow motion work, and then just build from there. So we’ll see.