Anonymous Model. German girl I met in Nicaragua. Shot in my room I booked with a local family. ©2014 Terrell Neasley
“I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.” 
– Caskie Stinnett

I think you can track the evolution of this blog when you take a look where I began almost nine years ago, til now. My photography has changed. Even my focus has changed. Okay… I mean, I’m still doing the nude, granted. But I wasn’t doing photo professionally at the start of this blog and I wasn’t as driven as I am with travel back then as I am today. Now, if I could get away with it, I’d always be gone and adventuring somewhere. I don’t know if adventuring is a word. Actually, I just looked it up and it is. Moving on. So yeah, I’d always be out somewhere. My ultimate goal, I think is to sail and circumnavigate the globe on an ongoing basis on my own 40ft plus catamaran. Yes, I need someone who’s comfortable with being nude. Cuz I will be shooting. All the time. And maybe it would be good to have another couple who are well versed at sea-life who share the same exploration ideals and can help share the responsibilities.

Anonymous Model. German girl I met in Nicaragua. Shot in my room I booked with a local family. ©2014 Terrell Neasley
There are also times when I’ll travel alone. And I’ll want to be alone. Make no mistake about that. Even with having a girlfriend/wife, there are times I’ll take off on my own escapades. I may even have a model, or be full on solo. I’ll want some time to adventure on my own, by myself, in remote areas where its just me and the land/sea. I think its a very good idea for people to head out on their own and challenge themselves, not with overcoming fear of being in a new area, but rather of just being alone. No buddies to socialize with. No comrades to ask advice about what to do next. Just you. Making the call. And then living with the decision you made, whether good or bad. Chances are you’ll make new acquaintances anyway, so you’re never really alone, unless you hit barren areas bereft of human interaction. Then its just you, your thoughts, nature, and the Heavens.
Anonymous Model. German girl I met in Nicaragua. Shot at a beach location she recommended. Had some gear stolen while on this shoot. Had to walk back with no water. Got aided by some Canadians who also gave us a ride home. ©2014 Terrell Neasley
“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag
But here’s the thing. I would absolutely love it if I had some of my friends, family, or CLIENTS come travel with me. Its not necessary to be gone as long as I do. But just a week or two. Correction… AT LEAST TWO WEEKS! You’ll spend that first week just acclimating. Give yourself two weeks. Come do a leg or two with me. You’ll fly in. Meet me somewhere. Then we’ll head out on a grand adventure. I’ll do some pics. We have a good time. And then you go home with fabulous memories that last you your whole life. Man, fuck some of the things you buy and spend money on. You’ll consume those products, waste them, and they won’t mean anything to you after a while. But you’ll always be grateful of shared memories or new experiences and exploration. Those will stick with you and make for some great stories you’ll never stop telling. The rest of your friends will become sick of you, though if you only have that ONE story that you’re always telling. But they’ll love you if you’ve always got something NEW to share.
Three-month trip with my girlfriend last year, Art Model Covenant. Beach at north end of Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. My second excursion into Nica ©2015 Terrell Neasley 
So there’s two ways you can do this. When you hear me start talking about my next trip, start researching the areas I’m mentioning and see if it might be a good fit. Maybe you have some flexible days and some cash in the bank. All you need is a few grand, at the most and a valid passport. See if you need any immunizations and boom! Book a ticket. If I’m talking about bouncing around the Baltic States and spending a month in Estonia, maybe you want to get down with that for a few weeks. Hit me up and let me know. Or if the timing is off for you, well we can discuss that too. I tend to travel light and economical. Personally, I don’t need the All-Inclusive package. I don’t desire it. I’d rather be immersed amongst the locals. At least that’s why I travel. I want to experience the people and culture as well as the land. If you’re looking for resort-style room service, cool. But you’ll be paying me to be there. Which leads in to the next possibility.
Lounging about next to the Rio Dulce, Southern Guatemala in Livingston reading our Kindle Paperwhites. 3 week battery life on those things. Art Model, Covenant ©2015 Terrell Neasley
One of these days, I’ll be in Antarctica. Okay, you may not want to go there. I’ll give you that. So, if you’re looking for a custom itinerary, I’m available for hire. I’ll be your paid travel companion/bodyguard/photographer. Nothing wrong with that. I almost got to do that with a lady I met in the camera store one day, but she was already heading to Europe the next day. I can usually be ready on a whim, provided I don’t have to clear out any current projects. I’ll spend whatever time you want, adventuring with you, shooting your escapades and we can make a hard back book of it when I get back and edit the pics. I would absolutely love being hired out to do this. I’m telling you, you would love it too. 
In our room Antigua, Guatemala. Art Model, Covenant right after she climbed the Acatenango volcano.
©2015 Terrell Neasley
And lastly, well…you don’t need me to travel. Maybe you don’t like me and are just reading my blog as a hater tracking what I do with a scowl on your face. You think I’m a bitch, right? Cool. OR maybe my style of travel doesn’t suit you. That’s cool too. You can still do this on your own! Holla at me if you want any tips. I’ll even do that for my haters. That’s how bad I want you to get the hell out and travel. Cuz even if you’re hating on me, you ain’t gonna be hating me when you get back and I’ll have gained a friend. Or at the very least you’ll be cool with me and reading me with a half-smile. 
Beach bungalow at Lebeha Cabanas and Drum Center, Hopkins, Belize. Been here twice! Best Pork Chops on the planet at the Frog’s Point Restaurant. Art Model, Covenant ©2015 Terrell Neasley