Art Model, Covenant ©2015 Terrell Neasley
“An equilibrium can never last. Dynamic forces are always at work. But there are times when even those forces must rest. It is in that moment that life finds it’s balance.”
~ Terrell Neasley

Last month I picked up the Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 G Master Lens. Today, my pinhole body cap came in the mail. I haven’t yet played with it, but upon that acquisition, for the first time as I can recall, I think I have reached a point in my life that I might just have everything I need as a photographer! It is at state of photographic achievement whereas the equipment you need is in perfect balance with the equipment you have. I don’t know for how long this feeling of “Gear Equilibrium” will last, but I do not have a compulsion or longing to buy another camera or lens. Its like that final scene in Matrix Revolutions where The Architect asks The Oracle, “How long do you think this truce will last?”. And she replies, “As long as it can.”

Art Model, Covenant ©2015 Terrell Neasley

So who knows how long this equilibrium will sustain itself. Currently, my repertoire includes  2 bodies, 3 wide-angles, a macro, and portraiture glass. I haven’t had a real need to have telephoto in my arsenal since I last shot Canon’s 70-200mm. Upon my transition to Nikon’s high resolution D800e which gave me the ability to crop in quite a bit, I had less need for the telephoto applications and perspectives. In addition, some timely advice from a travel mag editor suggesting more environmental portraiture, as well as inspiration from Gregory Crewdson, particularly his work in “Beneath the Roses“, shooting wide has become more prevalent in my work. My main workhorse lens is my Sony 16-35mm f/4 which is the only zoom lens I own.

Art Model, Anne ©2015 Terrell Neasley

The recently announced Sony A9 won’t be anything I will add to my current line-up of bodies. Great camera, but not anything I need for the time being. That doesn’t reflect negatively on the A9 as much as it credits the badassity of the Sony A7RII. This is simply an amazing system. I don’t need the 20 fps speed. My a6300 will give me 11fps when I need it, albeit, cropped. I am fine with 1 card slot for the time being. The 42MP resolution is my main preference.

Art Model, KristiC ©2015 Terrell Neasley

I have no doubt that Sony will likely announce the A9R maybe even by the end of the year. And maybe even an A9S. I’m still good. It’ll still be a full-frame system and even if its 50MPs, I’m cool at 42. If I’m looking at another camera body…and I’m not…I currently reside at Equilibrium Ave …But IF I’m looking at another body, it would be the Fujifilm GFX 50s Medium Format system. Granted. I’m fine with my Sony A7RII right now. But if funding suddenly wasn’t a factor to possess that body and a good 3 lens line-up, yeah I’d be all over it. Like ALL over it. But seeing as how that would easily be upwards of a $15K investment…I’m good with the gear that’s already on my shelf.

Art Model, Leslie ©2015 Terrell Neasley

With all that said, I can still hook myself up with some accessories. I could use some more SD cards, batteries, and another cable release. I lose those things so easily. I may even find myself in the market for a good slider and a drone has crossed my mind a time or two. I could also do with an upgrade to my computer. Or a new one. It mainly needs a better video card, but after 6 years, I’m sure a new one with the current processor speeds may favor my workflow better. Storage and RAM…I’m good on that.

Gear Equilibrium is a good place to be. I thought it was in imaginary place, but apparently not. How long will it last? As long as it can!