Art Model Susan, © 2013 Terrell Neasley

So its been 4 months to the day since I’ve been in Las Vegas. As much as I like traveling and exploring strange new worlds and new civilizations, I actually have a heart for home. I used to be able to take home for granted…that it will always be there. Not this time. Las Vegas yes…but I don’t currently have a place I can call home there right now. When I get done with this road trip, chances are I’ll be settling back in Vegas. Its not my hometown. That’s Terrell, Texas. I count Vegas as my home city.

What do I miss about being back in my home city? Lets see. Here are some of the spots I frequented most. So its my habit to be in these places. Naturally, I miss not being able to hit these spots.

Art Model Covenant, © 2015 Terrell Neasley

1. B&C Camera
If you put a tracker on my car, it would show that I spent a chunk of time at 4511 West Sahara. And I only work there sparingly. Most of the rest of the time, I’m there picking up some camera accessory, renting some gear, or coming in to check out the latest and greatest piece of glass. And THEN while I’m shooting the breeze, I inevitably end up helping a customer find something, narrow down a selection, product comparison, or how-to photo techniques.

Because everybody comes to Las Vegas. Sooner or later, you’re gonna make that vaca happen and you’ll hit the strip. Then you’re gonna realize you left your charger at home, drop your camera off the Hoover Dam bridge, or back over it with your SUV. Yes…I have seen this happen. If you are a Vegas local, then mosey on over there and check it out. You’re on Sahara Ave, by “Egg and I” at some point, anyway. You may as well see what a real camera store looks like. This is a newly remodeled joint that will make you wonder why you hadn’t visited before. Go holla at Rob or Ron and tell’em Terrell sent ya and I promise you’ll get the VIP treatment. Just drop my name like you know me.

Art Model Covenant, © 2015 Terrell Neasley

2. Waffles Cafe
December 2013, I moved to the North west side of Vegas. The first thing I did was Google “breakfast near me”. Waffle Cafe was the first choice that was a few miles away. Been going there on the regular every since. Now the owners Jeffery and Isaac are good friends of mine.

I’ve been taking friends, models, and business prospects there since I started going there. Everybody loves it. My mom came to visit and she’s not even a waffle fan. Its the best she’s ever tasted. Their waffles are very light. Nothing heavy and they are gluten free. That didn’t matter to me so much til I brought a model there who only ate gluten-free and she loved them as well. You can even get them with ice cream on them or a waffle pizza. I personally think you’re a deranged individual, but I respect your choice. Maple syrup and butter are the only things that belongs on a waffle. Or bacon! I recommend the Terrell Special. You gotta ask for it. Its not on the wall menu. I promise you’ll love it.

Art Model Liz, © 2015 Terrell Neasley

3. Hiking Trails
The very first thing I did when I got to Vegas was to genuinely explore the place. NO, NOT THE STRIP! When you get that out of your system, you’ll come to realize, there’s a desert out there! And likely different from what you’re imagining. I joined the Vegas Hikers Meetup group when there were only 200 some odd people. Now there are almost 20,000 people. The group is run by my good friends, Alan Gegax and Paul Dicianno. These hikes have been my serenity and sanctuary to some extent. At times, it helped me to go out on one of Alan’s or Paul’s treks. Camping with them is the best, though. The group sites at Valley of Fire are prob my fave spots, but I’ve gone back to Spring Valley a time or two as well, it was so glorious.

And then there are other times when I just want to be alone. Most times, I’m scouting new locations for a client shoot or for one of my own model shoots. I’ve gone out at times and have fallen asleep on a high rock only to wake up and its dark enough to believe your eyes are sealed shut. That’s when you know you’ve needed the rest! But sometimes, you can’t wait on someone to go with you. People have their own lives and priorities. You’ll eventually begin to have other like-minded people join your orbit or you’ll join theirs and get plugged into that network.

Art Model Alethea, © 2013 Terrell Neasley

Damn. Where do I start? Valley of Fire. Red Rock. Lake Mead. Goldstrike or Arizona Hot Springs. Those are the more popular ones. But you likely don’t know as much about Wetland Park. Or Lone Mountain, Black Mountain Trail, Nelson Ghost town, or the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. These are all spots that will blow you away and exceed all your expectations. And that’s prob about 1% of the possible spots you can choose to visit. Snap! Mt Charleston! Yeah…too many. You don’t haven’t visited Las Vegas if you don’t get off the Strip. And that doesn’t even get into the other day trips you can make. Cathedral Gorge, Zion National Park. Death Valley! I can’t do it…its too much! I could make a blog post just on hiking spots alone! No way I’m taking on that responsibility though. I’ve given you a good start. Get to researching what works best for you and your family. I believe in you. You can do this. Did you even know there’s a 35 mile paved bike trial? Yep…River Mountain Loop Trail.

So yeah… Off the top of my head, those are my top 3 things that come to mind. Its gonna take me forever to link all these spots!


Art Model Susan, © 2013 Terrell Neasley
Happy Birthday tomorrow, Jerry…