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I’ve often been asked lots of questions about my travels and I’ve run into several amateur and 2 professional photographers in these four months so far. Three or four questions just about always come up and the most persistent ones have to do with my travel photo and tech gear. So I’ll take a blog post to detail what I carry and why.


I shoot Sony and I rock with two camera bodies and currently 3 lenses. The body that is pretty much my workhorse is the Sony a6500. It does everything I need. I like the smaller body-style, yet the thing is a powerful beast of a camera. Here…click the hyperlink to check ==> THE SPECS <==. I’ve got images stabilization and 11 frames per second when I need it. Its weather sealed with a great 24mp sensor. I actually turn off the touch screen functions. Paired with the 16-35mm f/4, it gives me a crop sensored normal perspective zoom.

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My second body is the Sony a7R2. ( ==> THE SPECS <==) Why is this body not my primary, you ask? Its because the majority of the work I’m doing doesn’t require the 42 megapixels this camera uses. I save this for the work that will capture my fine art images while the a6500 will take care of my documentary work, which is about 70% of all the shots I take. I almost upgraded this body to the a7R3, but I’m glad that I didn’t. At least not yet. Tempting, for sure! But here’s the deal. I don’t want to upgrade until I also get two new bodies. I don’t want to upgrade this camera and then have to carry another battery size. Right now, both my cameras use the same battery so I can interchange them. Upgrading to the a7R3 would mean another set of 6 batteries, minimum, plus two more chargers. Can’t say that’s a good fit for me at the moment.

Now if I also upgraded my a6500, (which I’m not sure I’d do), the a7III uses the same battery as the a7R3. That’s plausible. But even so, I’m STILL not sold on  selling my a6500. That’s how much I love this camera. So basically, I’d likely carry THREE bodies, even though that’s not a goal. But here’s the deal. I’m not entirely sure I’d want the a7III. Its selling like hotcakes, but I think I’d rather hold off to see what Sony does with the a7S3 which is likely due soon. That would suit me better than the a7III. So I wait and practice my patience lessons. At that point, I’ll decide what to do with the a6500, especially if the a7s3 is pushing 10fps at a minimum.

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As for glass, I’m primarily a prime guy. I mentioned having one zoom, the 16-35mm f/4 already. I’m not upgrading to the 2.8 version because I already get killer shots with this lens. For my purposes, the G-Master version gives me no added benefit. With that, the Sony 55mm f/1.8 is super bad for my portraiture work. The smaller size is more conducive to my travel work. I did not find the 85mm G-Master to be a better lens. The 55 is the best portrait lens I have ever owned even over my Canon 85mm 1.2.

Finally, I have Sony’s 90mm f/2.8 Macro lens. There is not a better one on the market, in my opinion. Its one of the sharpest lenses made for DSLR or Mirrorless. And yes, I say that knowing that I’ve been quoted as saying Sharpness is over-rated. Here’s the deal. I needed a macro lens and Sony made one. Its not my fault that it happens to be one of the sharpest optical instruments to ever don a camera mount. I will likely also add the Sigma 20mm f/1.4 if I can make that happen when make another trip stateside. This will be my primary astro-photography, night time, and landscape lens. So I’ll have 4 lenses that I travel with. Notice, there’s nothing on the super telephoto front. That means that the longest lens I’ll have is the 90 on my a6500 which will make it effectively a 135mm 2.8. This is purposeful. My primary perspective is wide to normal. I don’t really work in the super-tele range as much.

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Along with those, I pack two Sony HDR-AS100V Action Cams. I use these also for documentary purposes as well as time-lapse. These are older systems, but again…no need to upgrade. These things work great for what I need them for. I use them on a table top tripod, a clamp-style grip, and a regular-size travel tripod. Its the only other battery/charger system I have and I carry six batteries for them. My iPhone 7 Plus gets a lot of work as well, both handheld and with a cellphone holder that I can mount onto a tripod. I’m still doing snap shots and video for social media with it. I have one speedlight with me. Its a Canon 430EX II that I mount with Phottix Ares wireless transmitters.

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I currently have no laptop I can edit on. I have never edited on one…ever. Since this is an extended travel, I don’t have the choice of waiting until I return. So…I’m wracking my brain on what to get later when I come back stateside this summer (just for a few weeks). The lead candidate is the MS Surface Book 2, (maxed out 15″ version) but DAMN! I do not want to pay $3500 for that thing (and accessories). Runner up is the Gigabyte Aero 15x. A bit more reasonable, but still over the $2K I’d much rather spend. Hell, maybe even that’s too much. So I’ll have all that sorted out by the time I return. Maybe something else will come out that meets the spec sheet and features I’m interested in. The main thing…speed. I don’t want to have to wait forever rendering videos, images, or anything. Speed, but versatility, future-proof, and battery longevity.

That’s it for camera tech in my bag. Looking forward to the additional gear this summer. I’ll post on the new additions and eventually post on their performance.

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